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| 13th April 2018 | Gaming
  Or 'Why Can't I Write This Good?   For many, the Life is Strange series has come to an end. the original game by Dontnod had 5 episodes and it's sequel set before the first game by DeckNine had only 3, just as fantastic episodes. As a die-hard fan of the series, like many, I paid for the Special Edition of Before the storm. Nothing crazy came with it, mostly novelty stuff like outfits for Chloe, a Mixtape mode for those who can't get enough of the soundtrack and a Bonus Episode, which was said to release after the main 3 episodes. I didn't hold up much hope for the Bonus episode. I was pretty excited to play as Max Caufield again but the fact that this was a 'Bonus' episode gave me the impression it wasn't going to be anything groundbreaking. Maybe something purely sentimental at most, playing as the younger, more pirate-loving versions of the games two main characters before the chaos of the main story. Whether the intention of DECKNINE was to mislead fans into thinking they were playing an episode of any less quality than their other ones, or the company simply cannot make an episode that doesn't have me bawling my eyes out, I don't know. But I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. Despite knowing that it's extremely unlikely that anything too stressful is going to happen in this episode -If you've played the other two games, you're well aware that the most stressful parts are way behind you (or in front of you) at this point in the story.- I still felt a slight sense of dread exploring Chloe's attic. Praying I didn't find a body in the ice cream cooler or a secret photography dark room. As you procrastinate from tidying Chloe's bedroom by going on one last pirate adventure, it's easy not to even wonder about what day in Chloe's crazy, trauma-filled life this could be. Chloe's mum returns home to the sound of Ben Howard, an artist I've grown to become sick of hearing yet I can't imagine a better song choice for the scene. I'm suddenly aware tha...