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| 31st March 2018 | General Articles
Last week, I made the decision to delete the social media apps on my phone. I've wanted to for a while. Lots of people are really good at disciplining themselves from their Smartphones- of which are addictive by design. Nowadays. not many people are a stranger to the fact that smartphone and social media usage have had a negative effect on mental health- most commonly depression and anxiety. A lot of users get a hit of dopamine when you receive a new like or follow and a negative withdrawal symptom when they check your phone to find a lack of them. I upgraded to an iPhone earlier this year with the intention of finally having a working phone where I could be more productive with promoting my book. My old Samsung s4 crashed when you so much as looked at it and the photos you took came out practically black unless you were outside in the summer. The iPhone started off well, but what started out as promoting, turned into zombie scrolling and obsessive checking and feed refreshing. Digital PR is a hard slog and you need to keep doing the same thing each day, even when it feels like you're getting nothing in return. On top of that, I'm on the internet all day for work anyway, so the last thing I wanted to do when I came home to my family was to continue this meaningless habit disguised as productivity. I started leaving my phone in a separate room as soon as I got home, which was a start, but no cigar. I needed to do something more drastic without plunging myself back into the dark ages. I've considered going completely phone-less before, but I had a family emergency a couple of months back and although it was extremely brief and solved in (The longest) 10 minutes (of my life), I dread to think what could have happened if I hadn't have had my phone on me. So I deleted Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from my phone, but kept the accounts. It took a couple of glances at my phone for it to sink in that the apps were no longer there but after that, the benefits were obvi...