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Nearly 20 Years later, FLCL is getting a new series

Posted by on 27th March 2018 in News | FLCL,Anime,Manga,Fooly Cooly,Furi Kuri,Review,News,Opinion,Otaku

Almost 20 years later, The third season of FLCL 'Progressive/Alternative' has been announced to air on AdultSwim this September.   via GIPHY  FLCL was probably the one thing I obsessed over the longest. Back in the days when friends from school would burn you CDs of music found on Limewire (not me, of course), Where it was a bit of a gamble on what you were going to get once the files had finally finished downloading. In Limewires renown reputation of inaccuracy, One system of a down mp3 turned out to be a video. This turned out to be my first experience of an AMV: clips from FLCL edited to System of a Down's 'Needles'. I searched every corner of th...