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Nearly 20 Years later, FLCL is getting a new series

Posted by on 27th March 2018 in News | FLCL,Anime,Manga,Fooly Cooly,Furi Kuri,Review,News,Opinion,Otaku

...following Fooly Cooly has built up, I'm sceptical, but also extremely excited. Regardless, I'm going to watch the shit out of it. So if you're a die-hard fan, get re-watching. FInd that old mp3 player with all the Pillows music. If you've never watched the show, give it a go if you're up for some crazy fun. You can also check out the manga, which is equally short as 2 volumes with the madness that is Hajime Ueda's sketchy artwork. It doesn't flow too far away from the anime story but does have some drastically different key events and arguably, more depth....