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Luigis Mansion has Aged Incredibly Well

Posted by on 24th October 2018 in Blogging | retro gaming,Nintendo,Gamecube,Luigis Mansion,Review

With Halloween around the corner, my son is asking me for “spooky” games we can play. Seeing as Resident Evil might be a bit soon for a five-year-old, the gem that is Luigi’s Mansion makes a return to my life once more. Not in the recent release of the 3DS version, but by digging out my dusty Gamecube copy. The game was one of the choices you got when buying a Gamecube bundle during the console’s release. Console release games don’t tend to stay with me very long (Smash Bros Melee was my ultimate motivation for acquiring a Gamecube, but you learn to be grateful as a twelve-year-old) but 16 years later, I’m truly appreciating this game for what it i...