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GitGud: Round 1

Posted by Jon on 5th June 2018 in GitGud | Street Fighter,Street Fighter 2,Fighting games,Fightstick,Gaming,Retro Gaming

... by Tired Gaming Dad (@Gamingdadzzz) on Jun 1, 2018 at 1:12am PDT I've also got a copy of Street Fighter 4 on the way. I was gutted to hear that the most recent V is ps4 exclusive, but I wanted to get to grips with at least the 3d aspect of the new Street Fighter games. Something I'm aprehensive about as a long time fan of the old Street fighters, but want to try anyway. Will keep you guys updated on my progress! If you have any Street Fighter tips for a retired n00b such as myself, leave them in the comments below!  Just to round up on things to improve on for next time: blocking (or timing of blocking) canceling movesets Timing (in general) Sho...

Before the Storm is hella amazing- Even without the time travel

Posted by on 26th February 2018 in Blogging | Life Is Strange,Before the Storm,Gaming

... Or writing about one of your favourite games to avoid the horrifying realisation that it's ending soon With the 2nd episode of Before the Storm that came out this month, you may be familiar or at least have heard of Life is Strange. For the not-so-familiar, LiS is a non-linear choice based game from the minds of DONTNOD (Remember me). Despite being a story focused indie game, it did amazingly well. Won a bunch of awards for it a few years back and the fan base is obsessive and loyal. Things got busier at DONTNOD since the game's success, so they handed the production of the prequel over to DECK NINE. I recently finished the 2nd episode of the prequel: Befor...

AER: It's Nice Not to Kill Stuff for A Change

Posted by TGD on 23rd March 2018 in Blogging | Aer,Memories of Old,Forgotten Key,non-violent Gaming,Gaming

...   Like a lot of people, I suffer from heavy bouts of stress and anxiety. Whilst some of it I have to take as it comes, there's also a fair bit I can take responsibility for and do something about: Drink less coffee, sleep more and play less stress-induced-haemorrhage causing things like Halo 2 on Legendary. The first two are invalid options because they are apart of being a parent. So after finishing the Halo 2 Campaign, I was very grateful to stumble across this gem that I somehow missed. AER is a game by Forgotten Key, A studio in Sweden that specialises in atmospheric experiences. Kotaku described AER as Wind Waker but flying instead of sailing, and the...

I actually want to get better at Hyper Light Drifter

Posted by on 5th March 2018 in Review | Hyper Light Drifter,Indie Game,Pixel Art

...OR I found a game that doesn't make me want to rage-quit   via GIPHY   That probably sounds odd. Most people want to get better at games because it's rewarding and so they can beat them. But I'm old. Not like in numbers, but in parenting induced fatigue. Which basically means there's a lot of shit I feel too old for but this hasn't stopped me putting time into Gaming, which I enjoy a lot. It Just means I don't pull all-nighters trying to max out all my characters levels anymore and I tend to avoid games that make me rage-quit quicker. I tend to go for games with an easier pace. A colleague at work pointed me in the direction of Hyper Light Drifter a few...

Why some people may not like the Best Game Ever

Posted by on 9th March 2018 in Opinion | Gaming,Final Fantasy,ffvii,RPG

...OR YOU WEREN'T THERE MAN, YOU WEREN'T THERE! As someone who's favourite game will always be Final Fantasy VII, writing an unbiased article about it has been pretty difficult. Here's the thing: An awful lot of people- including myself- claim Final Fantasy VII to be the best games of all time. Here's the other thing: The vast majority of those people played the game not too long after it's release. Ask anyone- even Google, why Final Fantasy VII is one of the best games ever and you're likely to find a lot of people giving you their list of reasons. My first memory of playing the best game ever was back when Playstation magazine included free demo discs that he...

I Deleted my Social Media Apps for a Week

Posted by on 31st March 2018 in Technology | Smartphones,iPhone,tech,depression,anxiety,mental health

...Last week, I made the decision to delete the social media apps on my phone. I've wanted to for a while. Lots of people are really good at disciplining themselves from their Smartphones- of which are addictive by design. Nowadays. not many people are a stranger to the fact that smartphone and social media usage have had a negative effect on mental health- most commonly depression and anxiety. A lot of users get a hit of dopamine when you receive a new like or follow and a negative withdrawal symptom when they check your phone to find a lack of them. I upgraded to an iPhone earlier this year with the intention of finally having a working phone where I could be mo...
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