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Life is Strange won't let me stop crying [SPOILERS]

Posted by on 13th April 2018 in SPOILERS | Life is Strange,Before the Storm,Farewell,xbox one,ps4,rants,ramble

  Or 'Why Can't I Write This Good?   For many, the Life is Strange series has come to an end. the original game by Dontnod had 5 episodes and it's sequel set before the first game by DeckNine had only 3, just as fantastic episodes. As a die-hard fan of the series, like many, I paid for the Special Edition of Before the storm. Nothing crazy came with it, mostly novelty stuff like outfits for Chloe, a Mixtape mode for those who can't get enough of the soundtrack and a Bonus Episode, which was said to release after the main 3 episodes. I didn't hold up much hope for the Bonus episode. I was pretty excited to play as Max Caufield again but the fact that thi...