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27 March
Mar 27
27th March 2018

Almost 20 years later, The third season of FLCL 'Progressive/Alternative' has been announced to air on AdultSwim this September.   via GIPHY  FLCL was probably the one thing I obsessed over the longest. Back in the days when friends from school would burn you CDs of music found on Limewire (not me, of course), Where it was a bit of a gamble on what you were going to get once the files had finally finished downloading. In Limewires renown reputation of inaccuracy, One system of a down mp3 turned out to be a video. This turned out to be my first experience of an AMV: clips from FLCL edited to System of a Down's 'Needles'. I searched every corner of the internet until I found whatever the clips originated from.   Eventually, I found some blurry, terribly dubbed videos of the series. Up until that point, the only anime I had seen were classics: Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Metropolis were the only anime they had rentable at Blockbuster. FLCL was now the craziest, most Japanese thing I'd ever seen. In true Gainax fashion, It featured robots, aliens, a girl swinging a bass guitar into their necks, a ridiculous amount of sexual innuendos and puberty metaphors to the awesome -awesome- music of the Pillows (who are also doing the music for the new series!) As a 14/15-year-old boy, it was God.   via GIPHY The original FLCL show is only 6 episodes long. It's crazy, fun and a good story that hints at possibilities rather than outright clarifying them. This has left fans with a lot of questions and a lot left to the imagination- creating a lot of theories. If I'm perfectly honest, this is one of the very few cases where I've been happy having it left as it where. People made their own assumptions at the end of the series, and it's these assumptions and ideas I'm intrigued by the most. Because if they had concluded it then, we may not have liked the answer.  But this was back when there wasn't even a hint of a sequel. Now, nearly 20 years later FLCL 3 has been announced seemingly out of the blue. Like a lot of the cult following Fooly Cooly has built up, I'm sceptical, but also extremely excited. Regardless, I'm going to watch the shit out of it. So if you're a die-hard fan, get re-watching. FInd that old mp3 player with all the Pillows music. If you've never watched the show, give it a go if you're up for some crazy fun. You can also check out the manga, which is equally short as 2 volumes with the madness that is Hajime Ueda's sketchy artwork. It doesn't flow too far away from the anime story but does have some drastically different key events and arguably, more depth....

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21 March
Mar 21
21st March 2018

The snag with anime these days is that it's a bit like... Well, any sort of entertainment medium; you have to wade through a lot of shit to find the good stuff. There have been so amazing shows over the past 15 years for me; Death Note, Attack on Titan and Gurren Lagann, but the golden years for me still lie around the late 80's to 90's.   via GIPHY   Anime fan or not, this show is a must watch.   In short, Cowboy Bebop is a Space-Noir series about a group of Bounty Hunters, cruising the galaxy, trying to make enough money to not starve. (SPOILER: THey starve, a lot.) Think Japanese Firefly. You may have heard its name pop up now and then, but I'm going to delve into the reasons of what makes this show so perfect.   People tend to categorise 'Anime' as a genre, due to its reputation amongst non-anime fans of not being able to tell any of the characters apart, it's rather 'cooky' scenes and dialogue, and a history of terrible English dubs. This is what puts people off but a shows medium being animation shouldn't define its quality. Cowboy Bebop is a perfect example of not all anime being the same and how open it is to a wider audience.   I watched the whole series back in my teens, devouring the whole story and its badass characters. Since recently rewatching the series on Netflix, I've come to realise how varied Cowboy Bebop is for viewers. I can't watch it with the same concentration as I used to due to loud kids and babies in the house, but I've put it on in the background when I crash in the evening or when I'm working from home. Turns out the show works well as very entertaining, stand-alone episodes but leaves enough curiosity there so that if you chose to watch the entire thing from the first episode, it would be a more than rewarding choice.   Super shallow of me, but the show is so aesthetically pleasing in the same way that a lot of old anime shows were. The colours, the quality of which everything is drawn... Just a nice lack of filler and shortcuts that you end up having to put up with in longer running anime shows. via GIPHY   And of course, there's the soundtrack. Going back to when I mentioned putting this on in the background when working from home; The show's soundtrack is mostly- pretty sure completely- Jazz music. To a lot of people, this would seem to be a terrible combination, but somehow it works perfectly- Even in the more intense scenes and episodes. By the end of the first season, you'll be in an ill-fitting suit and smoking, listening to Tank! on the way to work if you aren't already. Cowboy Bebop is currently on Netflix, so if you're looking for a new watch, or want to watch again for a deeper appreciation, now's the time to do it. via GIPHY  ...